navigating the challenges

It is challenging to navigate the ins and outs of starting and sustaining a nonprofit organization.

Eric understands these challenges and has successfully grown his foundation, Roc Solid, from the ground up into a multi-million dollar organization. He would love to share his experience with you to help your nonprofit thrive. 

Newman Experience Co. offers personal consulting services to provide customized assistance to your organization. If you need help defining your nonprofit’s values and mission, Eric is an extraordinary resource. If you want fresh ideas that disrupt the norm, Eric prides himself on being the “What’s Never Been Done Guy.” His fun and dynamic approach to consulting makes the entire experience a productive, pleasant, and positive one for everyone involved. 

To learn more about Newman Experience Co.’s consulting services, please complete our consulting request form. 

You can also purchase our coaching video series (coming soon). These videos will provide insider information on starting, sustaining, and scaling your nonprofit so that you can maximize the impact of your good work. You may use the videos as an invaluable reference as you build your new nonprofit or expand an established nonprofit organization.


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