Eric Newman

Founder & Chief Play Officer, Roc Solid Foundation

Eric Newman

Founder & Chief Play Officer, Roc Solid Foundation


Eric Newman is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary leader. In 2009, he founded Roc Solid, an organization that inspires hope for every child and family fighting pediatric cancer. Roc Solid partners with more than seventy children’s hospitals to deliver Ready Bags for families and has built more than one thousand playsets for children throughout the country who need a safe place to play and a reason to smile. A husband, father, and pediatric cancer survivor himself, Eric understands the battle a family faces when their child is diagnosed.


The Newman Experience Co.’s mission is to provide a “pain to purpose” roadmap to nonprofit leaders so they can effectively build a platform to create positive change in another human’s life.

Newman Experience Co.’s founder, Eric Newman, is the Founder and “Chief Play Officer” of the Roc Solid foundation, which he started in 2009 to help children undergoing cancer treatments. He was fueled by the pain of his own childhood cancer experience, and he directed that pain into the purpose of building playsets for kids fighting cancer to provide them with an escape from their new and difficult reality.

Over the past 12 years, Eric has learned so much about building a successful nonprofit from the ground up, and he’s ready to help others use their pain to fuel their purpose. If you feel driven to make a difference in the world by establishing a nonprofit organization, Eric can help you get started. Contact him today to begin making your vision a reality. You can also gain insight by reading his book, What Hope Looks Like.

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