Let’s change the conversation for nonprofits.

The Newman Experience Co. was created to help new or existing nonprofit organizations increase their impact and generate greater results for the people that they serve.

something has to change.

After 12 years as the CEO of a nonprofit, Eric has discovered that nonprofit management is having an identity crisis of sorts – things have always been done the same way, but leaders today expect to get different results.

the vision

Eric started The Newman Experience Co. to reshape the narrative so that all nonprofits can do more good and spread more hope throughout the world.

He believes that nonprofits can be run more like for-profit businesses to generate better results and greater benefits for the people they serve.

Learn more about Eric’s vision in his book, What Hope Looks Like.

what hope looks like

Eric Newman is what hope looks like. He is the embodiment of hope and perseverance and has been since the age of three, when he overcame liver cancer. Eric defied expectations then, and he wants nonprofit organizations to understand that they, too, can defy expectations now by taking a new path to change the world.

the newman experience

Whether you’re looking to start a nonprofit or increase the impact of your existing nonprofit, Eric can help you through personal consulting or coaching videos. He is also available for motivational speaking at any company or organization that’s looking for inspiration.

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